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 The Dangers of Sitting: Avoiding a Modern Day Hazard

Why is sitting down so bad for my health?

Even though the human body is capable of remaining in a seated position, our anatomy was not designed to properly support this position long-term.  Aside from the unnatural positions themselves, prolonged sitting often goes hand-in-hand with physical inactivity in general, which has numerous adverse health effects.

The effects of prolonged sitting have a significant effect on many important systems in the body.  Below are the reults of prolonged sitting on your overall health.

Cardiovascular: Increased hear rate, decreased cardiac output and capacity for exercise.

Muscular: Increased muscle fatigue, decreased muscle stregth and muscle mass

Skeletal: Decreased bone density and tendon stiffness, increased risk of tendon injury

Metabolism: Decreased oxygen uptake, Increased insulin resistance and increased blood pressure and blood sugar

Get active today to avoid these health effects in your future.  One  of our Chiropractors would be happy to provide you with a simple exercise and strengthening plan today