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Massage Therapy


                                            Clem Leung RMT         

Clem Leung, Registered massage therapist is a 2008 graduate of Massage Therapy with Honours.  Clem has assessed and treated clients who suffered from motor vehicle accidents, repetitive strains, sports injuries, chronic migraines/headaches, TMJ dysfunction, frozen shoulders, neck/back,knee pain and sciatica.  Clem's care for his clients extends beyond the appointment, teaching clients self-care remedies and developing client-specific long term recovery and prevention plans.  Clem extends his standard RMT knowledge by skillfully incorporating techniques from other modalities to offer unique, comprehensive massage experiences to his clients.
Clem's signature specialty is Deep Tissue Massage and is great for those with symptoms concerning pain seemingly emerging from deep beneath the muscles.

REIKI - energy work for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing through unblocking the stagnation of "unwanted" energy.

THAI BODYWORK - proven effectiveness in improving flexibility of the joints.

HOT STONE - effective penetration for difficult to treat muscle regions and extended relief compared to conventional massage.

CUPPING MASSAGE - has the ability to affect deeper tissue and is ideal to treat adhesions, scar and muscle/fascial restrictions.

ACUPRESSURE - most effective in relieving tension-related ailments by stimulating the acupoints and its surrounding tissues 

Feel free to contact the office at any time to book your appointment today with Clem.  He has a wide array of available appointments to fit into any schedule.